Andrey P. Stolbov

Andrey P. Stolbov  
Andrey P. Stolbov - Supervisory Board member of HL7 Russia, vice-director of Medical centre for Information and Analysis of Russian academy of medical Science.

PhD, professor of I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University.

The author more than 150 scientific works in scope IT in public health services, and also about 40 works in the field of mathematical cartography, the machine drawing and application of methods of mathematical programming in management (1982-1996).
Area of scientific interests:
- legal, organizational and economic aspects of application IT in public health services;
- methodology of designing and implementattion IS in public health services, interoperability IS;
- standardization in the field of medical computer science;
- application of mathematical methods in management of public health services.

Tel. +7(495) 724-70-46, fax.: +7(499) 763-68-02.
Post: 28, Solzhenitsina, Moscow, Russia, 109004.

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