The G8 Global Healthcare Applications Project as Starting Point for Global Cooperation in eHealth

Gottfried T.W. Dietzel

Federal Ministry of Health and Social Security, Berlin/Bonn, Germany


         In February 1995 in Brussels 11 pilot projects of development of international information community financed by the existing programs were affirmed. The EU action plans "eEurope 2002" and "eEurope 2005" will lead to making the common European health passport (a decision was already taken at the summit of Barcelona in March 2002). This project will promote interaction between governmental and non-governmental organizations by such as International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA), European Federation of Medical Informatics (EFMI), International Society for Telemedicine, European Health Telematics Association (EHTEL), that will give acceleration to development of international information community and modernizing of public health services.

Keywords: Telemedicine, eHealth, European health passport.