Only a few projection optical 3D a micro tomography of cellular structures
O. V. Phylonin


        In work the methods offered by the author, algorithms and an example of hardware realization for three-dimensional reconstruction of a configuration of cellular structures on the basis of only a few projection tomography the approach for problems of optical microscopy are described. For formation of initial bidimentional projective data it is offered to use coherent laser radiation. Shadow images of projections are fixed by two-coordinate detectors on the basis of CCD detectors structures. Preliminary data processing is carried out by means of microprocessor controllers. Procedures reconstruction are organized on standard personal computers or local networks. Display of data is made in the form of projective, or three-dimensional, also the projective images, allowing to observe investigated objects in any foreshortenings. Results of mathematical modeling of the offered algorithms of reconstruction have shown, that they are effective enough, from the point of view of speed and data presentation.
Keywords: only a few projection tomography, a micro tomography, optical microscopy, a spatial configuration of cellular structures, Fourier transformations, projective images, volumetric images.