Neurophysiology analysis of stabilogram by Hurst exponent

Yu. Lyakh, O. Gorshkov, V. Gurjanov, Yu. Vihovanets


        The paper deals with the method of fractal analysis applying the al-gorithm of Stabilogram Diffusion Analysis (SDA). The performed research suggest that the posturecontrol system utilizes openloop control mecha-nism on a shortterm interval and little displacements under postural control. The system allows for the C.O.P. to drift with the average period of 2 s. The posture is controlled by the action of feedback mechanisms. The presence of longterm region of negative correlation in stabilograms suggest that the closed loop control mechanism is utilized on longterm intervals (delaytime > 1 s) and larger displacements.
Keywords: stabilometria, biomedical research, Hurst exponent, Stabilogram diffusion analysis, open-loop control, closed-loop control.