Information models for formation process of reliable operators activity

V. V. Kalnysh


        The hierarchical and compromise information models of reliable interaction between the man and machine have been developed. There was established, that interlevel communication in the hierarchically organized complex system have specific organization and they are shown as regular and irregular. The whole roles of the considered kinds of communications are special and it is caused by stabilization (regular communications) functions, carried out by them, and correction of system work (irregular). The degree of a regularity and irregularity of interlevel functioning of communications has been determined by concrete conditions of system activity and arising external influences. It cant be always constant. Due to flexible transformation of these system communications, the occasion of reliable functioning formation and effective adaptation in environments various conditions has been created. The interlevel interaction in complex system is so organized, that is took the most compromise in interlevel mutual relation, to accumulate useful to system result, thus separate levels optimizing work for whole system.
Keywords: information models, reliability of operator activity, organization compromise of interlevel interaction, regular and irregular communication.