Researching of the brain bioelectrical activity from positions of multidimensional linear and nonlinear EEG analysys.

O. Yu. Mayorov, V. N. Fenchenko


         The new approach for researching of a man and animals brain bioelectrical activity, basing on revealing by methods of a multidimensional spectral analysis of regions of hemispheres and the subcortical structures temporarily involved in this or that functional system (by P. K. Anokhin) for realization of behavioral acts, and the subsequent analysis of their nonlinear-dynamic parameters from the position of the deterministic chaos theory, realized in the system for computer EEG (qEEG) NeuroResearcher2005-2007 is offered.

Keywords: qEEG, multi-dimensional spectral analysis, nonlinear analysis, deterministic chaos, system for qEEG NeuroResearcher 2005-2007.