Structure of heart rate variability at analysis - and RR-intervals in healthy persons and patients with CHF.

G. G. Ivanov, V. V. Popov, S. Saleh


         Parameters of structure of heart rate variability are investigated at analysis - and RR-intervals for an estimation of influences vegetative nervous system on rhythmic functioning of auricles and ventriculars at healthy persons and patients with CHF. Results of inspection are included in research 318 person. As has shown the comparative analysis of the data of time both spectral distribution - and RR-intervals the structure of parameters an intimate rhythm in group healthy in the age of 2545 years has no significant distinctions in rest and changes is unidirectional at carrying out of functional tests. In the senior age group (50-60 years) the mismatch of influences of departments autonomic balance on rhythmic activity of sunus node and ventriculars is revealed. Disbalance vegetative influences at -and the RR-analysis it is revealed also at patients with CHF. Distinctions both in an initial condition, and in dynamics of supervision within one year were observed. The analysis of structure of an intimate rhythm according to -intervals gives the significant additional information on character of infringements of vegetative influences on rhythmic function sinus node and ventriculars.

Keywords: Heart rate variability, Variability of RR- and PP-intervals, Independent autonomic modulation, Rhythmic activity of sinus node and ventricules, Spectral analysis.